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Why Do You Need Coaching

“Katarina, Thanks so much for calling, I feel better (as always) after listening to you. You are such a healthy example of where I want to be, emotionally, psychologically, etc. You also gave me perspective. There’s a bigger picture here…”

If you just had a breakup from your beloved…

When my marriage fell apart, I was worried all the time and it only brought about the very thing I was worried about and as many of you are just fresh from a breakup and are desperate to get your ex back that worrying vibe will repel them. I then realized, worrying didn’t get me anywhere at all. Nowadays my faith in myself and my self-love are unshakeable (I’m helping people like you now!). I want to help you so your self-esteem is back in full force and you can start having fun and enjoying life again.

Part of that realization I got through coaching. Every time I talked to my coach I felt instantly much better and calmer. Talking direct to an objective, detached and knowledgeable person unfortunately isn’t replaceable by any email correspondence (that’s why psychotherapy is such a booming industry). Especially for us women, talking in itself is very therapeutic and calming. And most of the time being calm and clear-headed is all you need to survive this -and get him back in the process, if that’s what you want.

I can write down the very same things I would say to you over the phone, and it won’t have the same effect. The one-to-one interaction with someone you trust is not the same as email correspondence.

And detached is really the key word here. No matter how knowledgeable you are in terms of getting-ex-back “strategy,” being so personally invested in the process almost always clouds your judgment. That’s why I still talked to my coach from time to time when I needed extra rational, detached and objective infusion of voice of reason not so long ago.

Even a doctor can’t cure him/herself ;).

So I really recommend you to take coaching.

I’d love to help anyone who comes to me for advice. And coming to the forum is always free and I’m happy to help and answer any questions whenever I can. It’s just an option I think you might want to consider (take your time, sleep on it). Your peace of mind and mental health is priceless.

While my intention is mainly to help you reconnect with your loved one, I have to also allot extra time that takes away from my other activities to outline specific strategy to apply to your breakup situations and guide you every step of the way.

What can you expect from private coaching with me in this time of extreme heartache? It’s almost around the clock support (apart from when I’m away from my computer) with lots of insights, genuine interest in you as a person beyond the business aspect of it (I love helping people change their lives, it’s my life calling), and my unremitting passion for the subject matter I’m dealing with.

You will also learn valuable lessons to tap into your Feminine Magnetism™ which is the basis of all my coaching.

If you want to improve your relationship/dating life…

I’m the right one to go to! You know why? Because I have gained so much experience and insight in the dating world after my breakup. I know what works and doesn’t work with both men and women. I know what differentiates men from women.

Whatever relationship issue you have right now if you’re in a relationship already, I can also guide you to find best solution for yourself using my Feminine Magnetism™philosophy. Every problem you have in your relationship is solvable with this philosophy!

I am also a prolific and fast writer it’s like you’re reading insightful articles specific to your situations and needs on a daily basis, not to mentions a few tricks up my sleeve on how to make your situations better. There will be no chance for desperation when you are under my care. To be at peace with yourself in time like this is priceless. And no ebooks (and I have read all of them but I still needed coaching) will help you the way private coaching would simply for these two reasons (ways specific to your situations and peace of mind).

My coaching provides an unbelievably great value if only for the therapeutic aspect of it alone. Couple it with genuine professional -yet sisterly- support, you can’t get any better help out there. You will be very grateful to have someone by your side every step of the way.

I will try all my best accommodate your needs and limitations and find the best way to make this work for both of us.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me direct to inquire more about private coaching at or through the forum. You can also subscribe to my newsletter for chock-full of tips and advice on making your love life better and overcoming all obstacles in your relationship here or send a blank email to