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My method is very feminine-energy based which means a woman has to be prepared to shift her view of the world and be open to change especially if she has been operating on masculine-energy all her life. It also means women who are my students will totally rely on their substance and radiance as a woman, not through controlling, manipulating, pushing, steering, directing and threatening their men to give them what they want (commitment). When you master all the principles I teach you’ll be such a goddess that sets you apart from the rest of female population that you won’t stay single for very long because a woman like you is SO RARE!


This world -especially in the US and the West in general- is so lacking of feminine women post feminist movement that this knowledge will give you such leverage over other women who have no clue of these principles that work with men (and most women don’t). That’s the reason behind my high success rate.


Please be informed before you touch the payment button that all sales are final. You’ll be helped to access your product(s) but we don’t refund. And Katarina doesn’t work with disrespectful, combative, aggressive, pushy, bossy, angry and entitled women so if you’re one of them please look somewhere else.  She is the Last Resort for a reason, only when you’re ready to be receptive, respectful and humble yourself to learn from the world’s Very Best/Miracle Worker who is also the Anointed Divine Feminine of The Millenium should you buy anything on this website. Please research her first before buying anything, she has tons of free stuff around so you can gauge her expertise and knowledge.  Only real students of hers need to buy anything from her (by “real” it means that they’re ready to surrender to her leadership and teaching process). She’s a straight shooter who will tell you the roots of your problem with men without sugar coating and if you’re not ready you’re going to be very triggered by what she has to say. However, if you’re ready she will turn your situation overnight and you’ll get to save tons of time and money and learn life’s ultimate lessons you won’t find anywhere else. Thank you for understanding and cooperating.  And please email me us at if you want to pay with PayPal, we will send you an invoice for the time being.

The Leaning Back And Cultivating Feminine Mystique Workshop

  • Three Bi-weekly payments, you will listen in the FB group for the coaching till the end of your payment plan when your product will be added


The Leaning Back And Cultivating Feminine Mystique Workshop

  • Two Monthly Payments, you will listen in the FB group for the coaching till the end of your payment plan when your product will be added


Leaning Back and Cultivating Feminine Mystique Workshop

“Katarina is correct. After going through her workshops and reading the book, I recognized everything I was doing to push him away. I started leaning back and he started chasing me. He asked me to marry him a few weeks ago and last night put a custom 3ct platinum ring on my hand that he had made for me….Kat’s guidance works!!!” ~Brenda, Virginia
Brenda signed up for this course on June 3, 2015 because her boyfriend moved out! Two months later she turned it around. They got engaged on August 12.
At least five of my clients have recently been claimed through the miraculous power of leaning back that I teach them. A big chunk of my teaching is based on a woman’s ability to lean back. Leaning back, as I have personally figured out, is the secret to a man’s heart. However, many women -or even guys- simply don’t have the right understanding about leaning back and its power. Some see them as an attempt to manipulate men to do what we (women) want.

Here are some objections of leaning back:

1. It’s the same as playing game or playing hard to get.

2. What if he disappears if he hasn’t heard from me?

3. It’s the same as being cold/unresponsive or acting indifferent.

4. It’s an attempt to get him to do something for you (as if that was a bad thing necessarily but I digress for now).

5. Does it mean we can’t initiate at all?

I’ve been coaching thousands of women and their common problems are they have no idea about a concept called “leaning back.” They absolutely have no clue how important it is to attract and keep a masculine man attracted. They typically do the complete opposite of leaning back and wonder why their guys are fading and disappearing…. And as soon as they practice this, they see almost instant changes in their men’s level of interest and behaviors.

The essence of leaning back is in your emotional security, not exactly in what you do (yes for a beginner, this will be the first step cause without this you will not get to know what emotional security means).

When you are full and secure as a feminine woman, leaning back is natural and your second nature. And you don’t even have to think about it cause your man/men will always lean forward (that’s how alluring a leaning-back woman is). It’s no longer a “strategy.”

{Leaning Back Gets Her Ex Back}: “Thank you ALL for the sweet, sassy, supportive comments, ladies! It was a great weekend. We just enjoyed each other; lots of laughs, conversation, sexxx, yummy food, etc. We went out on Fri night and stayed in on Sat night. Last night he Facetime’d from work and asked me to go away this weekend, we’ll be on his friends’ boat (whom I’ve never met … they are also friends with his ex) on the Colorado river.

I feel more relaxed this time around, I stay out of my head, keep it light and let him lead the whole way. Every weekend he gets more and more tender, I can feel his guard going down and his affection rising. He even mentioned spending Christmas together in Hawaii but I know I have to stay in the moment and actions > words.

Thank you Katarina, your magic is working. Last time you made me promise I won’t screw it up, lesson learned. I’ll let y’all know if/when he calls me his “girlfriend” again… but I don’t need a label… I’ll just enjoy him…

Asia or here, Kat you were always near because I have tons of notes I listened to every day to keep myself on track, not slip into old patterns, etc. etc. It was like I was studying for a test that I refuse to fail, Goddess 101 to get my man back.”
~Anabelle, Los Angeles

In 2014 around the same time when I was in the Phillipines, Anabelle’s bf broke up with her. She was devastated and took a break from the group for a few months. She came back just a few months ago sharing the good news that he was slowly coming back. They went to Greece together last month. She would never have thought that would be possible last year. She stuck with the program -and it wasn’t easy not to lean forward at all- and a year later I’m back in Asia and his actions have been consistently reclaiming her.

A few of my clients/fans stand very firm by it because they have seen with their own eyes how much better they feel and how much more empowered they feel when they practice this.

Marina, my most avid client wrote this during our Journey Inward group coaching (which I also highly recommend):

“For the last few days, I wore mainly dresses, put make-up and felt my feminine energy. Men at work noticed the change . Then, today I was wearing a pair of pants and a shirt for the whole day and I felt my masculine energy operating in full force. It is so interesting how an outfit has a significant impact on my energy!!! After a nice long shower tonight, I put on a long flowy dress just to feel like a girl, again. Amazingly, it has a natural relaxing and calming effect on me.

I am intuitively sensing my masculine and feminine energies every moment now. I was so clueless in the past or I wasn’t awaken yet. I found myself buying more dresses now. My usual work uniforms are dress shirt, pants and jeans. That explained why I almost felt so masculine 24/7.

In the past, putting on a dress was only on a very super special occasion for me. Now, putting a dress on as an expression of being a woman in touch with her femininity. My perception of putting a dress/make-up was so distorted by my transgender father as something disgusting and unnatural. In reality, it is very natural and beautiful. Masculine man needs to feel that feminine energy when he is with a woman. If a woman constantly dressed up in T-shirt and jean for a date, he is just not feeling her feminine energy at all.

Sadly to say that I think a few of my relationships ended because the guys did not feel my feminine energy to remain attracted to me ;-(. Thanks goodness that one of my exes, M, did point it out to me in several occasions! Otherwise, I will still remain clueless!!!! Also, sharing our experiences here really shifted my perception of femininity significantly.

I found Kat a few years ago and I wasn’t even ready to hear what she was teaching. I was in my full masculine mode climbing the corporate ladder. Now I am open and ready to take in her lessons. With my ex, I was trying my best to be in my feminine mode but I felt there was a lacking from my side. After reconnecting with Kat, she gently guided me in my process of being in touch of my feminine essence.

Leaning back has helped me to keep my mind sane, see my dynamic with my ex clearly, nurture myself and mitigate some other life issues. This three months of leaning back experiment has my ex writing long emails and calling me. I just keep leaning back and mirroring him which is very unlike me. In the past, I would chase him, over-analyze and fantasize that we will work it out. Now, I just quietly observe and don’t put much thought about what he said. All are just words, noise and no action from him.

In the meantime, I am discovering, experimenting and appreciating my femininity. Don’t beat yourself up just take this period of your life as your fine-tuning process!”

And good news is, Ladies, they are now OFFICIALLY BACK together! It’s all in the miraculous power of leaning back

And here’s another one from Cynthia: “I’ve been wearing dresses, skirts, and more feminine colors, lots of pinks, even in my bartending uniform, I opted to wear the white and pink t-shirt instead of my usual blue and white t-shirt. I changed up from heels to pretty white sandals, pedicure is a beautiful pastel pink, and it makes a difference. I never realized how much of a tomboy I really am, but wearing a dresses, skirts, and heels are nice.

When I was younger, I went through a phase where I only wanted to wear frilly dresses even though I climbed trees with my dad. I got older, discovered jeans, and never looked back, until now where I’m actually being aware of my feminine energy and I now wanna buy more dresses and heels. I think I, too, my exes didn’t feel enough of my feminine energy to remain attracted to me.

I actually just caught another insight into a mistake I made in front of my EUM 3 months ago when we last saw each other. When I wrote about I felt so feminine and demure and agreeable at my friend’s shop and therefore I attracted so much male attention, even my friend commented (I suspect out of a bit of jealousy) that his own friends wouldn’t leave because I was there.

Anyway, when I was working at another store where my EUM works, I was angry at him for asking out this sales rep he knew to the bar with him and his other friend in front of me to hear. This happened after he started disappearing on me after seemingly wonderful few weeks together. And his boss wanted to speak to me, so I joined my EUM, his boss, and his other friend, and instead of acting the same demure, feminine way I acted at my friend’s store, I screwed it all up being acting super masculine. I was loud, boisterous, “opinionated (overly),” etc.

His boss said, “Wow, you are hard core.” I said, “Yeah, well, I’m the best at my job.” My EUM said, “Oh it’s because she’s from NY.” My EUM is from DR, where the men are known to be very macho and very masculine. I got defensive with him, and said, “Oh, I can be soft, you don’t know me like that.” Needless to say, the rest of that night was (I thought) a disaster, and we haven’t spoken since. I screwed up by being hurt, and angry at him for going out with the other girl, and that’s probably why he was turned off by my energy.

Ugh, it still bugs me that I screwed up with my EUM, but I was still new to finding Katarina’s teachings, so I was even worse in my moods, and beating myself up for every mistake I made with my EUM. But, as I wrote 3 months in an email to Katarina, if it wasn’t for him I would’ve never found her and all of you. I still miss him, but things happen for a reason. I am learning so much more and gaining so much insight and awareness.

Damn, I wish I had all this knowledge years ago! I don’t know if he’ll ever notice or come back, I haven’t been working by him since that crappy night. But at least I’m a lot calmer now than when I was 3 months ago. But yes, I love being surrounded and being served by these men. I was just too nervous around my EUM that night. I wasn’t yet completely aware of that feminine energy inside I’m feeling better in my leaning back mode. Thanks. It helps that everyone here is very supportive.”

It’s a three day workshop covered within 3 weeks (once/week) that will cover everything you need to know about leaning back and cultivating your feminine mystique. It’s conducted online in the form of webinar/teleclass. You simply just need to be home and have access to either computer or cellphone or both. If you can’t attend because typically participants come from many different time zones, the replays will be available within minutes after the live class. You can listen to them over and over at your convenience. >>>>>>UPDATE: When you sign up you’ll get the last Module 3 How To Lean Back In Dating And Relationship audio so it’s no longer a live class!


The Leaning Back And Cultivating Feminine Mystique Workshop

  • Three Bi-weekly payments, you will listen in the FB group for the coaching till the end of your payment plan when your product will be added


The Leaning Back And Cultivating Feminine Mystique Workshop

  • Two Monthly Payments, you will listen in the FB group for the coaching till the end of your payment plan when your product will be added


Class 1: History of leaning back and how I gradually perfected this concept that now has been proven to work MAGIC for most of my clients who have relationship problems with their men. What leaning back is NOT. How to create an environment that helps you lean back. How to lean back in relationship. Is it any different to leaning back in the early stage of dating. How to curb impulses to reach out/initiate contacts/row the boat. Specific examples of leaning back in dating/relationship. What to do when after leaning back he’s not leaning forward. How to deal with the feeling hurt/anger/rejection when he’s not leaning forward. (2 hrs)

Class 2: How to cultivate Feminine Mystique that will make you irresistible to any man. How to be a feminine woman that masculine men adore. Self-hypnosis/guided meditation to awaken our inner Goddess and bask in our feminine radiance. (2 hrs)

Class 3: How To Be Vulnerable And Surrender To Your Vulnerability (BRAND NEW CLASS)

Bonus Class 1: Leaning Back Meditation

Bonus Class 2: Feminine Mystique Meditation


These 6 hours wealth of information will change your life forever. No woman shall be in a great relationship with a masculine man without this knowledge. If your relationship is now filled with discords and tension, leaning back may very well be the answer you’re looking for. And the reason you find it hard to do is because you have so much resistance in you. This workshop will help you deal with this problem.

This workshop will answer your questions:

1. What if he keeps leaning back but never really moves the relationship forward? It seems that the relationship is on his terms.

2. What if he just wants to hang out and of course that always leads to sex and you feel like a booty call to him.

3. How to communicate and set boundaries in a feminine way?

4. What if you relapse, you’ve been confident for a while about this whole leaning back thing, but sometimes you just get these sneaky thoughts: it’s been 3 days and he hasn’t called me, what has he been doing?

5. How to be in your feminine when you’ve been slaying dragons all day at work?

6. What if I need more communication, more reliability in responding to my texts or phone calls and more efforts for him to initiate contacts?

7. How to stop hoping for a certain outcome with a specific guy when you really like them (even if you don’t do anything about it)… i.e. how to stay in that leaning back energy on a mental/psychological level?

8. How to lean back in relationship? This workshop will work most effectively with the revolutionary Journey Inward Group Coaching that will clear all mental and emotional blocks, uncover your childhood wounds/traumas and heal them and allow you to shine in your feminine energy effortlessly (email me for special gifts if you take these two programs).

UPDATE: If you click on the link below you will be automatically added to the latest version of the workshop which is Module 3 of Feminine Magnetism Group Coaching: How To Lean Back In Dating And Relationship instantly download the replays on your members page. 

I’m committed to your growth as many of my clients/audience have come to learn about me. Sign up today and change your dysfunctional ways of relating to men and let a masculine man claim you. If you visit this page you can also purchase the replays of first or second cycle for $399 OR replays of 1st and 2nd cycle  for $649 OR replays of cycle 1 – 3 for $999 OR get all replays of first, 2nd, 3rd and 4th cycle for $1299 (every cycle will have different dynamics thanks to different discussions with different participants).

The Leaning Back And Cultivating Feminine Mystique Workshop

  • Three Bi-weekly payments, you will listen in the FB group for the coaching till the end of your payment plan when your product will be added


The Leaning Back And Cultivating Feminine Mystique Workshop

  • Two Monthly Payments, you will listen in the FB group for the coaching till the end of your payment plan when your product will be added

Be the woman a man can’t afford to lose, that’s how you inspire him to commit. Sign up for this very important class and get him to see you in a new light. I have a very high success rate because my method ignites a man’s attraction bulb that is largely unconscious even to himself.
Kat’s methodology of “Leaning Back” is the most simple and profound wisdom for women I’ve seen. It creates a perception of a woman with confidence and high value and men who are interested in a relationship beyond sex gravitate to those exact qualities.

Any woman who has engaged in “the talk” with me was either many steps behind or many steps ahead of where I was in the relationship. If she’s many steps ahead the man will either be scared off by what he perceives to be a needy woman or lie. If he eventually reaches the same point, now there’s a lie early on that clouds things. If she’s many steps behind he’s already lying and it will speed up his leaving and end more dramatically and painfully than need be.

To a man with options, ‘the talk’ does nothing more than highlight a woman’s sense of disconnection and if he was really into her he never would have let her get to that point in the first place. So lean back, let the man prove that he really is “that into you.”

Graham R White, “What Evolved Men Want,” Calgary

OMG my M just asked my to be his girlfriend!! I am elated! ? ? ? He said he’d actually be calling me that for some time now in front of other people… then he officially asked me. So cute! ?
Carrie, UK (a participant of Cycle 1 Journey Inward and the ongoing Leaning Back Workshop, as shared on Sept 23, 2013 in the women group)

Hi Kat! It looks like the guy I used to work with is ready to claim me. I know you might get confused with all my guys, but he was the one who asked if I’ll go on date with him on FB here’s the text he sent me right after our first Leaning Back class. ?
Natalie, Arizona (a participant of Cycle 1 Journey Inward and the ongoing Leaning Back Workshop, as shared on Sept 24, 2013 in private email)

Thank you, Kat! You taught me so much not just about relationships, but about myself. All we really need to do is stop chasing pavements, use a little patience, and the right one will come and be right there for you. I didn’t ask to change FB status, HE did! And he was proud to announce that. He wants to show me to the whole wide world that I’m HIS woman.
Natalie, Sept 27, 2013

“I’ve really loved how Katarina always urges us to soften our “standards.” I used to only see my guy once a week or so, and I couldn’t get him to invite me on one of his out-of-town trips to save my life. Communicating my desire for both didn’t help the situation. Once I let go of the desire for both and shifted my energy toward other people and activities that made me happy, he really stepped up. Now our dates last three days and he plans romantic get-away weekends down to every little detail. Try letting go of your expectations and the universe will bring you unexpected gifts.

I think it’s miraculous. His complete turn around is why I call Katarina a genius. Do less and receive more, it’s truly amazing. I have also made it a point to compliment him on his masculinity: strength, handsomeness, sexiness. “Can you please lift my 5-gallon water container onto the dispenser…you are so strong! Thank you, you are the best.” I’m a triathlete, I could lift my water myself, but why miss the opportunity to make him feel great for making my life easier?!”

Gina, Los Angeles (now has a handsome baby boy with her (no longer) EUM!)

Hi ladies: update on my situation. So he filed his divorce. He said” I love you and need you to be patient with me through divorce process, I’m not letting you go, you’re mine and I will not tolerate you seeing other men”

He stayed the night holding me and kissing me all night and he’s taking me to the airport this week.

His wife wanted a divorce too, they’ve been done for couple of years now, just dragging it you know.

He’s in love with me I know but this is a tough road being patient for him to finalize the divorce. Now he said he has to look for a place and move out by the end of this year. Amicable divorce both parties wanted it long time ago.

But thanks for your advise, opening up to him and telling him my fears and concerns by being vulnerable helped. Thank you!

I asked him what made him fall in love and he said “I just enjoyed my time with you, you had no agenda like most other women, you were always in the moment just going with the flow, no expectation, never pressured me with anything” so I was exactly how you teach women to be and that’s what made him fall in love.

I was like that because I wasn’t really taking this relationship seriously so I was totally laid back and he was pursuing all the time.

Except the last couple of months I started complaining and having expectations and giving him a hard time but he was already attached by then.

So I believe what you teach works!

Marianne, LA (a participant of Cycle 1 Leaning Back Workshop, as shared on October 9, 2013 in the support group)

“Thank’s for letting me know, Kat. I’ve signed up already. I also want to thank you for your amazing method. It works wonder. I mean I bought like 5 books from many different big names in the industry, but nothing compares to your teaching. The way you put together things, word to word is magic. I did what you told me to do, and just yesterday he called me, twice in 1 hour, he comes back to his old ‘loving me’ self, and he asked me to have lunch with him today, which I didn’t answer right away, I subtly change the topic, I guess I still not sure what to do. But then 5 hours later I text him saying that I would love to have lunch with him and that I’m glad he asked me.
Vivi, Indonesia

“I have to say that there are a myriad of lovely ladies in this group and I empathize with what some of you are going through but the truth of the matter is; some of you are overtly needy and you are allowing your expectations to run wild. The dating game works in your favor and all you have to do is just take care of your own needs and then chill out and once you do that then that desperation that you project will vanish and he will be drawn to you. You guys make men seem so complicated and most are not; just learn to reciprocate, be feminine and lean back as per Katarina then it will all fall in line. Too much ruminating gives off this anxious vibe and we can sense that and that is the beginning of why we turn away from the situation.

I have been an avid supporter of Katarina Phang since we have spoken and she is actually the only one who gets interpersonal relations with men and women. She should be writing posts for Psychology Today because she gets it that much. This was my field of study in college and she grasps the concept well of polarity. You can see that she has been through the process and she has analyzed it. She is the real deal unlike some other people in the business who pretend that they have been there. Plus, what she does for the ladies; I do for the men and her book should be a bestseller and not that fraud Steve Harvey………..”

Juan Rich, Maryland

My three months of leaning back has been the most drama-free experience so far. Quieting my mind and nurturing myself have saved me from several sleepless nights, anxieties and dark circles under the eyes.

M, my ex EUM has been calling me every other nights to check in with me and see how am I doing. In the past, it would be once a month or every two weeks. I think the change of our relationship dynamic happened when last year I decided to let him go. I noticed that our conversation are more free-flowing and more real than before. When I was in the relationship with him I was constantly feeling anxious and edgy because of my goals (marriage, baby and husband). Now he is more open with me about himself and what is going on with him. The truth came out from him why our relationship didn’t work out– he is/was under a lot of family stresses that he didn’t want me to know. Now with the new truth, I have empathy and compassion for this man. In the past, I blamed myself for not being good enough for our relationship. In reality, this man has his own inner struggle of being not good enough for me.

Now H, my recent ex, broke up with me three months ago due to an ex girlfriend resurfaced. Both of us did share an amazing connection but he wanted to revisit his past so I had to let him go. Leaning back is put into experiment here!!! No chasing, pining or fighting with him to stay in this relationship. Now he is constantly initiating emails or calling me–telling me that he is thinking of me. I just keep mirroring him and not giving him more.

So far these are my training grounds like Kat said. What I gained are my sanity, peace, self-love, self-nurture and self-respect. What I discovered is my femininity and radiance. What I let go are my illusion of these two men are better than me, putting myself down for not worthy of love and that extra 10 pounds. What I am looking forward is what the universe will bring to me. Life is interesting when I decided to see “it is what it is” instead of “what it should be”.

Marina, San Francisco

Sushi date last night and my man has invited me to a gig Friday night and wants to spend quality time together this weekend. I’ve been relaxing back into my femine energy and using feeling messages where needed. Feeling messages work wonderfully when worded well. Our communication is improving. It’s true men do respond to distance and me leaning back now saves the big deep conversations time. I embrace moving forward.
Manda, Australia

Leaning back is the secret to open up to the good things in life. And yes it’s about trust. Trusting yourself and the Universe. I said in another post that I lean back in general. I started leaning back from my own mental demands. The hellish I SHOULDS and SHOULDN’TS. Then I started to lean back with family and friends. I started to see a bigger picture. For years I thought my only problem was with men but no…it was with life in general. Not trusting that good things will come way. No trust means more effort. More effort is more stress. More stress is more being out of alignment and so the cycle continues. Leaning back is a sense of well being. It’s a statement about your high value, your worth, your sense of Self. Everything that comes from that state of being is to be enjoyed. Not to be captured, strangled, imprisoned etc. So when a guy comes your way you genuinely enjoy his company but you don’t feel the need to hold on. You let things and people flow into and out of your live. Whatever happens happens and you are always feeling fullfilled.”
Fatimah, Amsterdam.

UPDATE: I woke up to the buzz of excitement in the support group after the first class (and you still can sign up since most of the 37 ladies listen to replay anymore):
Katarina Phang, WOW!! What a GREAT GREAT class, two thumbs up for you. It’s like you can read my mind and answer all those questions in my head, even before I know I have those questions. You are genius and gifted, and it’s only been first class. So looking forward for the next class!
Vivi, Indonesia

“I’m only 1/3 of the way through the replay but just wanted to let you know how much I’m loving this workshop! It is absolutely amazing and just what I (and others, from the sounds of it) needed!

Also, thank you so, so much for going over our questions again during the Q&A – I know you already went through some of our questions but it’s so nice to have them recorded in the sessions so that we can go back and listen to them in our moments of weakness!!

Carole, UK

I can See now… Why her guy… Is SO Into her, she’s obviously Totally Different , than ANY female, he’s Ever been with!!! And…. She’s just getting Better, by Helping US!!!
Kimi, Michigan

“I’m about halfway through this first replay, and I’ve been crying my eyes out at some parts. It’s not a bad thing, maybe I really needed to release pent up emotions. My mind is on my EUM, and on everything right that I initially did with him that made him come on so strong with me initially, and then all the stupid mistakes I made with him that ended up with him pulling away and going MIA. I laughed my ass off at your tongue in cheek reference to “touch yourself”, LOL. I did end up having those feelings about my EUM, again without warning, so I’m here having all sorts of ranging emotions, but everything you have said Katarina makes SOOOOO much sense. I find myself, again as I did with Journey Inward course, inwardly kicking myself.”
Cindy, NY

“Phew!–Great class! Kat! I am learning so much from everyone every day.”
Mochi, SF

“Katarina, thank you for a great first session, and thank you all for your sharing your experiences and questions. I celebrated my new commitment to honor my feminine essence today by treating myself to lovely flowers for my apartment. Next week I’ll have a massage and pedicure.”
Gabriella, California

Hi Kat, so far this is an amazing lesson. I am only half way through, and there is such golden information. There are moments in your course where you repeat things that we need to write down. Is there a transcript available, is there somewhere where you can post the informations on this site, so we can look at them as our daily affirmation. For example your bit at 44 min into it, about embracing anxiety, and being liberated from it. That would be incredibly helpful. Thanks again.
Lila, Calgary

“I looove the leaning back mode where I am! (2 months now and counting)

My ex can’t get enough of me! (we have to still see each other because we have a child together).

He usually didn’t even want to came to the house. It looked like coming to the house to see our daughter was a burden to him, now I just want to tell him that he is coming way too often lol imagine that! 3 times a week its too much for me, I am like ”no hun not now I want to rest”! lol.

Then, he is calling too often too. In the past he didn’t even called, he was like absent. I was always wondering where was he, but not anymore. Not because he is calling too often or because he is coming too often too, but because I am indifferent and I stopped on being in control. I now have a life and I am loving it! Now I am taking care of my life and everything around it!

If you ask me I don’t want to be the woman I used to be, I love the woman I am now! And I can tell you that he likes the drama-free-easy-to-please-woman I have become!

Leaning back is not an instant gratification it takes a lot of inner work and a lot of patience. This is not playing mind games or playing hard to get, its more than that. Being happy, taking care of you and only you, will get you to a good start. This is no propaganda, this is real stuff. Thats why we are all here to share what Kat’s work has done to us. The impact we all have in this matter!

I let myself go, I stopped being in control of things and in relationships, and I am loving it! Thanks to Kat and all her advice here on facebook and on her blog! I will follow her till the end of time lol!”

Angelina, Mexico

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