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Heart Clinic: Private Coaching With Katarina’s Trained Coaches

Stop Shooting In The Dark And Get Guidance And Insights From Katarina’s Trained Coaches 

Lovelies, the era of Katarina working alone has officially ended.  Over the years she took care of clients and coaching herself and now that her community has grown by leaps and bounds and thousands of success stories have been reported she can’t carry the torch by herself anymore.  She has reared and groomed these new coaches to be her confidantes to continue, expand and share her legacy.

In the sea of new vanity coaches -a term that Kat coined- that charge ridiculous amount of money for their vanity coaching packages, Katarina’s coaches stand head and shoulders above them all with the personal victory and wisdom they have gained and cultivated throughout the years of studying and implementing her teachings. They’re Katarina’s very own earliest success stories.

Vanity coaching is usually signified by “huge packages” that are often UNNECESSARY just so the owners of such packages have an excuse to charge outrageous amount of money not commensurate to their real stature, gravity, nor experience and results.  For example a newbie in the industry -a former client of Kat’s- charges 15 hours of private coaching for $5000 and that doesn’t even include herself as a coach (yup newbies having their own “lesser” coaches, imagine that).  She asks for $10,000 for her own private coaching!! 😮

And truth be told you perhaps don’t need 15 hours of coaching but they want to get deep in your wallet by whatever means because that’s what being taught out there by every bro-marketer business coach under the sun.

And because the stake is so high -as are their overheads to project an image of extreme success without any substance to back them up-, they’ll employ arm-twisting hard core sale tactic on you through manipulation, shame and guilt-tripping while pretending to sell courses on “the secret” of feminine energy that only they have mastered. These women are as masculine as they get. Their blind ambitions betray them.

It’s sickening to watch…

Katarina’s style is like a doctor, you pay as you go….as necessary.  And she hikes her rate out of necessity when demand exceeds supply.  She’s honest and transparent.

She doesn’t need to pretend to sell this super VIP package of 25k (yup another lightweight newbie coach that copies a lot of Kat’s style and teachings including the fake claim of engagement tally and her brand tagline actually attempts to sell her private coaching for that amount) because all she’s interested in is to help you out of your predicament the most painless way: the fastest, the most economical way.  Because she’s the real deal.  She doesn’t need to sell you snake oil to make money; clients are already standing in line waiting for her help.

And she’s a straight shooter, she doesn’t need weeks and months to squeeze you out the information you need to save you from yourself.  She blurts it the first five seconds she hears your story.  She’s Yoda.  She feels you and she tells you what to do and if you’re ready you will never have to come back for more advice.  And any wonder that most of her success stories spend LESS THAN $200??!!

Many didn’t even need to spend a dime on her.  And the vast majority instantly saved and improved their love lives just by reading the ebook and lurking in her transformational support groups.

She’s just happy to hear anyone succeed after implementing her teachings at all.  It makes her day to know that.  She lives for that.

Compare that to these vanity coaches who dream to be rich and famous overnight without doing the ground work.  They just act the part without any foundation to sustain them.  Hence, they’re shallow and forgettable.

Katarina, on the other hand, saves you tons of time and money…..if you’re ready.  If you’re not, you’ll be pissed off but you will thank her later.

So Katarina’s coaches are trained to be just like that.  They don’t mince their words but they are also compassionate and gentle when they need to.

They will guide you the way Katarina guided them into relationship bliss.  And all start from YOURSELF.  When Katarina first entered the online dating advice juggernaut, she encountered very basic and dysfunctional advices on dating and relationship that stall the flourishing of connection rather than cementing it.  It’s all because most advice centers around fixing and changing the other person OR premature judgment on men’s characters that are based on very skewed expectations that cause women to be pushy and neurotic.

Those advices, needless to say, very rarely work or they work for 5 minutes till they don’t because they’re very superficial.  And most women will eventually be met with this brick wall they can’t break through because they are not equipped with the vision 20/20 nor emotional intelligence to deal with it.

Katarina entered the scene and she revolutionized the niche with her unique approach and wisdom that is so rare in the dating world in particular, and in the world in general.

She focused on inner work.  She created profound signature inner work program Journey Inward that has been a game-changer for many in every aspect of life, not just romantic relationship.  And nowadays, her phenomenal success has resulted in new coaches -same vanity coaches mentioned above- offering the same basic principle of inner work and accompanying packages of their own inner work programs for A VERY PREMIUM PRICE TAG that unfortunately doesn’t bring about equally PREMIUM RESULTS because like the teachers all they teach is still on the MIND level, not REALIZATION.

She started that movement.  She’s a pioneer in the niche and still at the top when it comes to RESULTS.

She changes lives on the most fundamental level every single day.  She changes the world one woman at a time and will continue to do so for generations to come because the knowledge that she has is very elusive to the vast majority of population.

This is why Katarina is the Man Whisperer and the Last Resort, with a current track record of at least 6 engagements/month, unprecedented and unheard of in the history of relationship coaching/counseling the world over.  Eventually women will find her in their journey of personal fulfillment in and out of the relationship context.

So without further ado here are the packages that you can afford to work with coaches that have seen results in their own lives through investing in and practicing Katarina’s sacred teachings.  Below is the short biography of each coach.  Get the package(s) you need and book your first coaching session on the calendar.  You can divide the sessions into 30 mins each if you feel so inclined.

For email coaching, please keep your questions in short 4 paragraphs, no more than 500 words (not a novel cause we really don’t need to know every little detail to help you and we will ask if we need further details).  You will be responded within 24 hours.

And Katarina will supervise all coaching processes to assure compliance with her high standards of quality so the advice given will actually improve your situations, not worsen them like so many victims of shabby relationship coaching out there who only come to her after everything has failed.

And for a limited time till March 31, 2020 use coupon code below to get $70-120 discount!!


A Single 1-hr Coaching Session for $299 (coupon code: 70OFF)

Three 1-hr Coaching Sessions for $599 (coupon code: 120OFF)

Unlimited email coaching/support for $399/month (coupon code: 70OFF)


Meet the Coaches


Coach Tricia

Tricia was one of Katarina’s earliest clients.  She has been the admin of Kat’s groups for over 5 years now and the ladies always treat her as someone to go to for advice.

When she found Kat she was in a rocky on and off relationship with the father of her kids.  At first they got back together for the last time not long after finding Kat but eventually Tricia knew that if she ever wanted to be married, she would be better off with a new man so in a style that only a Goddess possesses she walked away from the toxic relationship and started a rotation.

That was when she met Steve.  Five years later he proposed and they’re now happily married with a baby son.

You can read her story here.  And you can also get her Goddess interview here (first series, #2).

You would love to have her as your mentor because she has the rare wisdom typical of a Kat Goddess and she is indeed a Goddess.  Her quiet confidence is the epitome of what Kat teaches.  She will have a long thriving career in the relationship coaching business as she -like all the coaches- has garnered her own following and fans and one engagement at least has been engraved in her honor.

Coach Dasha

Dasha is now married to her (former) rebounding EUM who got cold feet when she found Kat.  Her breakup and reconciling story is so captivating that if you’re in the same situation right now you can’t afford not to work with her.

And her baby son Chance is Kat’s God son so they’ve now become a family as well.  Doug and Dasha both have had 3 kids from previous relationships which made this union even more special and you will just learn a whole lot from her experience merging two families.

You can read her story here.  She’s a very mellow person, beautiful inside and out and she’ll be a great addition to the team with her insights on how she moved on when he decided to break up with her, a decision that actually captivated him to no end.  And she’s someone Kat is proud to call a family in her new found land.

They’re such a beautiful couple that Kat and Joe always find delightful to spend time with.

Those of you in the same situation which means either in the same (breakup) situation with a rebounding man or the challenge of merging two families will be assigned with her as a mentor.

Coach Tasha

Tasha is unique in that she has kinda established herself as Katarina’s “Scribe.”  She’s such a passionate, devoted student of Kat’s she would just post about Kat’s teachings on her own long before she appointed her the admin of the FB groups.  She journaled her journey and transformation in the groups without being told to do so that in turn help so many other ladies in their own journeys.

Kat finds her dedication and passion so captivating so she just had to include her in the team.  She is now also in training to take over customer service for the company.

Her story and personal transformation is extremely beguiling.  She found Kat when her EUM had blocked her all over because as Kat put it (and as she recalled it with “pride”) she was “bat shit crazy.”

But Tasha was so committed to change her anxious ways and she was so ready to be that new person she was willing to humble herself to do whatever Kat told her to do.

She got him back after a few months of practicing of Kat’s teachings, however she relapsed and they broke up again in which time she forced herself to start a rotation and seeing a new guy.

Long story short, after so many painful episodes or breaking up and getting back together and months of her leaving the groups to heal herself, 4 years after finding Katarina they are now in the healthiest relationship they’ve ever been.  She’s a totally transformed Goddess, a source of inspiration and strength to many in the groups and she’s ready to impart all that she learned through blood and tears to you all.

Coach Anne

Anne found her life calling when she found Kat, searching for solutions to her rocky relationship with her husband of 20+ years and her daughter. Kat’s writing and content really resonated with her, and she loves Kat’s writing style and raves about it all the time!

Before Kat, she searched high and low for solutions to her relationship and life problems, and even found and followed a spiritual path. However, as she was trying to spiritually advance, she was ironically and inadvertently stuck with toxic behaviors, conflict, expectations, neuroses, violent reactions, anxiety, over giving, and drama with both her husband and daughter.

You can imagine the heart-racing, high-strung, nerve-wracking interactions she had with them in the past! Everything that Kat teaches she can summarize briefly as follows: “What you focus on expands. What you resist persists, what you embrace dissolves.”

She is living proof of what Kat teaches that a relationship can turn around even when only one person changes. By changing herself alone—from a witch to a goddess, she was able to improve her relationship with her husband and her daughter. She is so excited to join Kat in her mission to heal the world…one woman at a time.


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