Well, finally the time has come.  I have been talking about Coach Certification Program for 3 years and only about 2.5 months ago my Divine Guidance whispered in my ears: it’s the time.  And it’s just those 2.5 months of casually talking about it without this sales page 10 out of 15 seats have been filled.  I’m pleasantly surprised this program catches fire without much effort on my side, something that I will surely teach during the program as well. So we now have 5 seats left for grab this first time around!

UPDATE: We’re now opening for the 2nd cycle and the results are already in and the verdict is YES KATARINA PHANG DELIVERS BEYOND THE SHADOW OF A DOUBT!!

It felt real.  I felt I was ready.  And as I have always talked about you’ll find signs of what you need to do in the midst of it, not before it.  It will become clear to you so premeditating is often not needed.  Premeditation is what the mind is.  The mind is filled with resistance and very shallow.

The mind knows not.

I live a life of no resistance.  It’s flowing, it’s easy, it’s natural.

It’s stress and burnout-free.  And I’m going to impart all this ultimate knowledge onto my most committed disciples to carry this torch with me.  We’re on the mission of healing the planet, one woman at a time.

As my Facebook Fan Subscriptions are beginning to gain traction and inching toward hundreds and thousands of subscribers in the months and years to come, it’s clear to me that I will need help around the clock.  And the mission is beyond this lifetime.

To serve 1 billion people probably takes a few lifetimes.  If I don’t come back I want to assure there will be those who will continue the legacy.  It has to continue.  The world needs it.  The next generations need it.

If you have been seeing results in your life through practicing what I teach, this might be a call for you.  I’m naturally giving this opportunity to my clients first.  You have the first hand experience of what my teachings have done to your love life and your life in general.

You have to be committed and that means reserving some time, energy and resources to be in the all-year program in which I will continuously point out your blind spot so you can help people solve any relationship or life issue they have.

The rewards of course you will become whole first and foremost, so even if you don’t want to coach your life will turn upside down.  But you will want to contribute your gift to help heal others, with me or on your own with your own coaching practice.  Either way I will support you and with undying loyal following and Facebook behind me I know promoting you won’t be an issue.

You will get my blessings to legitimately use all my principles and insights that have been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt to be something that works astonishingly consistent beyond anything else that ever existed in the industry, online or offline.

We are the ultimate guidance in the matter of relationship and life issues because we zero in to the crux of the problem: our human conditions.  Our neuroses.  Our state of being not awake and aware.

People maybe able to repeat what I say without truly embodying it.  Their knowledge is still copied, borrowed and on the shallow intellectual level, not real or realized.  Hence many of my copycats know the lingo yet they don’t really own the knowledge. To own the knowledge is to experience it.  To live it.

I live from my feminine energy 24/7 and I will teach you the real meaning of feminine energy so you too can be successful in life without the aggravations and stresses induced by the masculine ways of running a business being taught out there by every business coach and bro marketer under the sun.  That even those who sell exorbitant packages on feminine energy programs don’t really know how to run a business the feminine way.

Cause if they do, they won’t be charging that much of money for their questionable expertise being a newbie in the industry.  The high prices are because they are driven by ambitions and goals of getting rich, successful and famous overnight without doing the ground work.  So they trade natural time and progression with ton of self-pressure to grow as quickly as possible by having a big production from the get go.  They might make a kill in the first few years, but will they be able to continue at the level of stress their ambition induces in them?

Probably not.  The pressure is on all the time for them.  How can you relax in your feminine energy while chasing the dollar to make ends meet?  They can’t and they don’t.

Hence they employ hardcore sales tactic that costs them their reputation.

That’s not how I did that and I will never do it that way because it’s not who I am.  To me it’s a very stressful way of doing a business and no amount of money will be worth it.

Some emotionally imbalanced women might project their issues on me by labeling me all kinds of names but nobody has ever reported I swindled them their hard-earned money.

I do my business the fair way.  I give more than I take.  That’s how I grow this business doing things my own without having to ever make A SINGLE sales call, yet managed to sell over $4 millions worth of products and services.

Not one.  You know it cause you never had me bang at your door begging you to purchase my programs.

On my own.  No sales team.  No huge production. No one behind me save Joe.  No stress.  No burnout.

And the proof is in the pudding.   My results are unprecedented in the business.

So, don’t you want to learn all these magnificent -almost magical- ways of living life the most glorious and gracious way?  Not many people can teach this cause not many live the wei-wu-wei life style I am living.  Cause they don’t know how.  Their neuroses are in the way.

So contact me with the form below if you are interested to be one of the first 15 who will be certified under this program.  The fee is $15,000 .  As you put money down between 3-5k (of course you can put more or even pay the entire amount in one payment if you can afford it) and the rest we can discuss how often and how much of a plan will work for you.

What you will get with $15,000?

1.  You will start with my ongoing Midas Touch, the Exploration of Your Genius Zone, currently we are opening up for the new Cycle 3 so you will attend that live and in the meanwhile you will catch up with the existing 34 hours of audio from previous 2 cycles.  This program is the very foundation of my philosophy of life and running a business the most feminine/stress-free way.

2.  You will be doing my ongoing 8th cycle of Journey Inward: The Odyssey, An Epic Journey toward Wholeness as well.  Journey Inward is the basic of my teachings.  So you will immerse in it as well after Midas Touch.  Most of you perhaps have taken it so whatever of these two programs you have taken I will credit you back accordingly.

3.  As an option we can do part of this coaching at my home or Cabo for in person (4 nights 5 days) because I will want to know you in person.  Flights, accommodations and meals will be additional (accommodations included in my home, but not in Cabo. My rough estimate 3 meals (all you can eat and drink all day at the resort) and room will be $350/day so $350 x 4 = $1500.

4.  Daily access to me in the FB group designated for this so I always know your progress.  And weekly classes with deep subjects pertinent to the coaching business as well as the insights needed to become a powerful coach that actually SAVES relationships instead of jeopardizing them further.  Tentative starting date is as soon as you signed up as there is a lot of private component to this program.

5.  A lot of practices in the fan subscriptions and possibly coaching some private clients as a method of training OR with pay when I deem necessary and fair (remember fairness is important to me cause it’s the only way you can maintain relationship with anyone).  So you won’t have to worry about work opportunities.  They’re huge and limitless in our growing community alone.

So this 15k investment in the grand scheme of things is really nothing.  I won’t promise you the sun and the moon, but I got my first 6 figure within 14 months of publishing my ebook.  And it kept growing by leaps and bounds thereafter.  Of course mileage might vary but I’m telling you what an extremely good coach might earn.  And under my coaching you won’t be a dime-in-a-dozen vanity coach flooding the market today.  You will stand out from the rest.  What I teach is the Love Jiujitsu of the highest form.  Not many coaches know this, not even my copycats though they attempt to fake it.

Not to mention the joy and peace of mind you will garner through this.  That’s in fact the best thing you will get from this.

Program Breakdown

1st Quarter: Revisiting of all programs I have taught with focus on perceiving clients problems and prescribing the right solutions to their problems (6 weeks).

2nd Quarter: 6 weeks of creating online presence, content and internship in the fan subscriptions

3rd  Quarter: 6 weeks of Advanced coaching methods, fine-tuning the Art of Storytelling, speeches and on-camera presence.

4th Quarter: 6 Weeks of Advanced Shadow Work to further solidify of full integration of the self only to drop it altogether at some point.

Details might change to adjust to moment-to-moment necessities with or without notice.

Here are the typical questions I receive regarding this program

1. From my understanding, the program is a year long? Is there a minimum amount of time I would need to devote to it on a weekly basis or is it up to me on timing just as long as I am advancing with the modules and topics in a timely manner?

No. I’m a very relaxed person and that is what works for me. But you have to find a way that works for you. Every one will be different. Of course the more diligent you are, the more active you are you’ll get more coaching from me. We’ll perhaps do one/week class. Sometime ‘ll have to take a break due to traveling etc hence I predicts it’ll be well over a year. But you definitely can start building your business or working for me long before that when I see fit.

2. Is it ok that I embark on the certification program even if I have a full-time job at the moment?

Yes. It’s designed to be flexible.  And please don’t quit your full-time job yet till you’re strong enough to do this full-time.

3. Aside from meeting you in person, would I be working on the program completely online?

Yes. You’ll come to the next retreat in Ireland (flights and hotels are on you, I will let you know what is the cost of room for the hotel we have booked for the event). Meals and sessions are included.

4. When I become a coach, will it also be working with clients online meaning could I be living anywhere in the U.S. where there is internet access?

Yes you can live anywhere in the world with internet access. It’s the best job in the world I’m telling you.

5. You mention that upon completion of the program, I could work with you (preferred) or open my own business? If I did open my own business, how would that work? Would it be up to me on how to get the business up and running and the clients or would you provide guidance? I ask because I don’t have much experience with or knowledge in opening a business.

Yes I’ll teach you how to brand and promote you within my vast network. You will in fact start with Midas touch which cover the KEY to success in any business endeavor.

6. Also, I wanted to let you know that as an English major, I really love your writing style. It’s very well written in a way that makes a reader want to read and I love the way you present the info. I have been reading and following other relationship coaches before I found you, and after reading your blogs, I have had no desire to read any other relationship blogs.

That’s very sweet, love! Thank you. It’s writing from the heart. You’ll be able t do so as well under my coaching.

7. On average, around how much could/would I make as a coach? I know it would also depend on my diligence, however, is there any way to get a low end or average ball park estimate? I ask because I am the main income earner for my family, thus, it is essential for me to know the income potential I could generate from coaching.

If you ask me then my answer would be the sky is the limit. Mileage may vary (see the FB post I embedded above), I can only speak for myself and those of my students who have carried out their first programs. I know what most coaches don’t in terms of what works in human psyche hence my success rate is mighty high. Nobody else has that vision 20/20 in the business unfortunately, hence I want to teach this profound wisdom. So if you could be as insightful as me you can make 6 figure within a few years.

I made nothing the first 2 years cause nobody was teaching me anything (my trained coaches made so much more than I did even during internship which is a few months into the program ONLY as the FB post above), I had to do my own trial and error. I published my ebook in 2012 and 14 months later I hit 6 figure and been doubling and tripling ever since. I have generated over 4 million in sales without ever making one single sales call or employing a sales team (I only work with Joe as my right hand man), without stress or burnouts either which is UNHEARD of in the business.

Again I can’t promise you this but you will be under the care of the Genius in the field. I don’t make that kind self-proclamation lightly.

If you’re gifted and it truly is something that you want to do 40k/year won’t be that difficult and it’s already one hell of a salary from working for yourself from home. I would have been happy had I just been able to make that, seriously! I have very modest expectations and life is rewarding me in the most generous and unexpected way so gratitude is always my default mode.

8. Is coaching dependent on work completion or is it time-based?

There is no specific rule, but you’ll get my certification when you pass what I deem reasonable expectations of my coaches need to have.

9. How would I be paid? Would I be 1099 or W-2? If W-2, would I be salaried or hourly?

At first always a freelancer. I have learned (that I will also share in the program) to hire slowly. I don’t have a salaried employee as for now yet other than myself and Joe. It might change as we grow. My coaches get paid per project also.

10. Would the work commitment and work load as a coach allow me to still work my current job or should I be ready to terminate my current job at some point in time to coach exclusively or is this totally up to me?

Yes and I don’t recommend you to quit your day job until you have a strong grounding. Everything with me is organic and it works the best.  But first of all surrender and trust the process because the path/journey is the destination, the process is the goal.  The great thing of this program is you’re going to rewire your neuron connections to become more in tune with the process, balanced, calm and grounded.

11. As a coach, how would my schedule on a daily basis be determined?

We are very flexible. The essence of feminine energy is spacious, free-flowing and restfulness. I want you to feel easy and natural not pressured.

This is super exciting to me. I hope you feel it on the other side as well.

Let’s talk if this is something that will work for you, and put in your message if you require a 20-30 min Skype session to talk to me directly.  Or you can write me direct at kat@katarinaphang.com (don’t forget to whitelist yourself if this is the first time you ever write me when spamarrest prompted a note for you in your spam or inbox to verify yourself, no they won’t charge you money for that).