NEW & HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: 25-Week (Was 22) Group Coaching On Feminine Magnetism™, The Art Of Being A Woman That Enraptures A Man’s Heart

This is a big undertaking and this program will be so huge because in which you will learn every secret and code Katarina has cracked on how to become that one woman who stands out from the rest of female population, not for your looks, but for your inner beauty and your feminine radiance.

Much has been said about how to capture a man’s heart, none has the definitiveness that Katarina’s Method has consistently resulted in thousands of happy clients around the globe. Happier relationship and life, numerous engagements, marriages and blooming new relationships, and a general increased of the sense of well-being, self-love, self-esteem and inner peace are what is to be expected in each and every program that she creates.

She is the authority on Feminine Magnetism. An original thinker in the field, with a staggering track record unprecedented in the history of online -or offline- relationship coaching.

Listen to this free class to get a grasp of what you can benefit from this very important program:

This group coaching will teach you how to explore and cultivate your feminine allure. Every woman has that innate feminine magnetism in her, she just has to rediscover it and let it shine.

There are five modules in this program she will delve in depth (you can also sign up separately in installments if you can’t afford the entire program at once. Otherwise scroll down to get the program in its entirety):

1. Inner work, Journey Inward (9 weeks), $699 ($77.67/week, $38.83/hr)

  • Module 1 Feminine Magnetism Class #1: Expansion Of Consciousness
  • Module 1 Feminine Magnetism Class #2: The Path Is The Goal
  • Module 1 Feminine Magnetism Class #3: Be The Observer Of The Mind And Understand Yourself
  • Bonus Class #1: Regression To Uncover Your Childhood Wounds
  • Module 1 Feminine Magnetism Class #4: Healing Your Childhood Wounds And Dropping Your Stories
  • Module 1 Feminine Magnetism Class #5: Connecting To The Heart
  • Bonus Class #2: Healing Anger and Cultivating A Compassionate Heart
  • Module 1 Feminine Magnetism Class #6: You Are One With Everything
  • Module 1 Feminine Magnetism Class #7: Shadow Work
  • Module 1 Feminine Magnetism Class #8: Shadow Work Part 2
  • Module 1 Journey Inward Class #9: Equanimity is Self-Acceptance
  • Module 1 Feminine Magnetism Class #9B: Equanimity is Self-Acceptance

Or Choose From the Plans Below
Three Bi-Weekly Payments of $237
Four Bi-Weekly Payments Of $178
Three Monthly Payments Of $239
Four Monthly Payments of $185

2. Understanding Men and Four Components Of Melting His Heart (5 weeks), $499 ($99.8/week, $49.9/hr)

  • Module 2 Feminine Magnetism Class #1: Trusting Him
  • Module 2 Feminine Magnetism Class #2: Appreciating Him
  • Module 2 Feminine Magnetism Class #3: Respecting His Leadership
  • Module 2 Feminine Magnetism Class #4: Communication That Works With Men
  • Module 2 Feminine Magnetism Bonus Class: Seven Reasons Why Men Marry Some Women and Dump Others

Or Choose From the Plans Below
Three Bi-Weekly Payments of $180
Two Monthly Payments of $265
Three Monthly Payments of $185

3. Leaning Back In Dating and Relationship (3 weeks), $369 ($119.67/week, $59.83/hr)

  • Module 3 Feminine Magnetism Class #1: History of leaning back and how I gradually perfected this concept
  • Module 3 Feminine Magnetism Class #2: How to cultivate Feminine Mystique that will make you irresistible to any man
  • Module 3 Feminine Magnetism Class #3: How To Be Vulnerable And Surrender To Your Vulnerability (BRAND NEW CLASS)
  • Module 3 Feminine Magnetism Bonus Class 1: Leaning Back Meditation
  • Module 3 Feminine Magnetism Bonus Class 2: Feminine Mystique Meditation

Or Choose From the Plans Below
Three Bi-Weekly Payments of $125
Two Monthly Payments Of $190

4. Embracing and Celebrating Your Feminine Sexuality/Basic Tantra And Healing Sexual Traumas with a guest teacher (3 weeks), $369 ($116.3/week, $58.16/hr)

Or Choose From the Plans Below
Three Bi-Weekly Payments of $129
Two Monthly Payments Of $193

5. Salvation Through Relationship (2 possibly 3 weeks), $399 ($149.5/hr, $74.75/hr)

Or Choose From the Plans Below
Three Bi-Weekly Payments of $139
Two Monthly Payments Of $209

PLEASE BEWARE: I no longer use PayPal links so if any of my payment link is directed to a PayPal page, DO NOT PAY and please write me immediately!! You have to write me first if you want to pay with PayPal so I can send you the PayPal invoice. That’s the only way Pay Pal is safe at the moment. And my emails are either kat@katarinaphang.com or support@katarinaphang.com, not any hotmail, gmail, yahoo or any other accounts. And I deal with clients MYSELF, so you will talk direct to me, not anyone posing as customer service or an employee of Katarina Phang Inc.

Here’s what the package is consisting of:

  • It’s the combo of Journey Inward, the Leaning Back workshop and Four Components Of Melting His Heart and beyond….including new material pertaining to everything related to Feminine Magnetism such as the anatomy of anxiety, how to cultivate emotional attraction with a man, how to connect to your heart and surrender to your vulnerability, tantra sex and the most illuminating salvation through relationship! As someone who is conversant with her style of teaching you’ll know that she goes with the flow, she improvises, she explores and she is so Zen and spontaneous. Her insights are often moment to moment, powerfully relevant and unexpected! No one including herself will know what the class is going to turn into other than fun, educational and empowering.
  • It will be conducted in a webinar form once a week, each session runs for 90-120 mins (depending on how active and eager to learn each participant is) that will include live question and answer.
  • Each participant will receive the recorded sessions to listen to again and again. The value of Katarina’s programs is in the fact that her teaching is so profound that repeated listening is required to really grasp the concept and acquire new understanding in different times. Most of her clients read her book like the Bible. Once, twice, thrice reading won’t be enough but the book becomes the source of inspiration and strength when the going gets tough. So are all her programs. And that means countless hours of coaching with the price of one.This is an investment of a lifetime cause you will always go back to this program over and over and over again and it will guide you for as long as you live
  • Half hour private call with Katarina at the end of the program to fine tune your skills and work around your blind spot, stubborn issues and challenges. This half hour alone is valued at $200
  • Ongoing support in the private group. And you are a first class client with FIRST PRIORITY of email responses. Everyday Katarina receives dozens of emails asking for advice and she can only respond to a few, mainly those who invest in her ebook and other programs, in rotation. With this program you’ll be pushed to the front row and your emails will be responded within 24 hours. The unlimited email support alone is valued at $449/month.

It’s a brand new program that will create a new self-confident you that will become a magnet to *available* men and inspire them to commit. If you need to overhaul your self-image, this will be the “it” course.

When? This program won’t start till April 16, 2016 and it will be the ONLY coaching program Katarina offers for 2016 outside the monthly membership so you don’t want to miss this first opportunity and be a part of history cause this is a one-of-a-kind program that isn’t offered anywhere else on the face of the planet. Her teaching is unique and super counterintuitive, be prepared to be mind-blown week after week that it’s not possible for you to see the world in the same exact fashion after you graduate from this program.

How much for a very important investment that will change your life forever? This is an early bird offer and we will make it as affordable as possible with easy plans. Remember, price will go up by $100 every month so the sooner you register the more you save. In the last 2.5 years Katarina has conducted her programs that were later sold as products, they never go down and in fact always go up in price because they start very reasonable for the awesome and consistent results they bring. She very rarely also sells them on sale because they are in demand.

Her current private coaching rate is $349/hr and it’s expected to go up again in a few weeks. So if you work with her one on one, count $349 X 2 hours/week X 20, you’ll have to fork $15,356. But you don’t even have to pay half of it ($7678), and not even a quarter of it ($3839) which still is going to be very reasonable.

Or you can also approach it from the fact that an hour therapy is $150/hr, on average. Two hours/week x 22 weeks = 44 hours, or less than $40/hr to work with the world’s top relationship coach whose programs have been proven to work faster than therapy. Not to mention the $449/month email support x 6 = $2,694.

And you can get all this for less than $2000 which you can also pay in installments up to 15 months!
SIMPLY PUT: it will be a loss to you to miss this program!

And she’s planning a some kind semi-retirement which means she will limit future group coaching and focus more on writing and private coaching (yeah she will still answer emails for those who invest in her book/programs). So this is your chance for a live coaching on a very important subject because she may not do this again anytime soon (it takes every ounce of her being and creative juices to conduct a program like this).
If you commit now the price is ONLY $1999 . You can pay lump sum or you can have 5 different payment plans below. And you can either pay with paypal or your credit card.

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The myth that vinegar solves problems is everywhere. Especially in love and other interpersonal relationships, we are told to have boundaries and standards, lest we get stepped on.

It’s all wounded ego. It only “works” in the sense that it’s a release for our hurt and pain. Even if another being changes as a result of our harshness (be it our boyfriend, child, or even our dog), they only comply out of fear, shame, guilt, or calculation, not out of love or understanding.

I’ve been re-listening to Four Components Of Melting His Heart this week to help myself realign now that my boyfriend and I have moved in together. It’s so radical, scary, and counter-intuitive to trust, appreciate, and receive when you feel vulnerable, but it’s what actually works.

Katarina knows what she is talking about.

It was only through this kind of radical yielding/surrender that our relationship moved from almost ending in May due to an “ultimatum” I issued (about living together that I got from other dating advice) to him getting us a house to live in together with no prompting.

Wednesday night, we were visiting with my grandparents who have a great love story. My Pop said he was so lucky to have met my Gram, then my boyfriend told my Pop that *he* was the lucky one they met, because otherwise I’d never have been born and he’d never have found me.

Quite a departure from being “unsure” if this was the relationship for him in May.

It’s easy to creep back into vinegar territory when you’re scared (I posted earlier this week that he was a little testy for the first time all summer), but I’m so glad I posted here and re-committed to completing 4Cs again and remembering what got me here.

It takes courage to be soft, sweet, and warm. I needed the reminder this week, so I wanted to share. Don’t cherry pick your from Kat’s approach. Dive in and let the teachings move through you, allow yourself to transform.

Kenzie, Atlanta***

I’m excited because someone hustled and made some extra money 😉 so I am excited to buy some more programs and continue my education!

PS: I have medically diagnosed OCD (although not severe) and anxiety. Since I was a baby. My mom thinks it’s from an allergic reaction to a vaccine I had as an infant. Kinda “fried my nerves” a bit. I’ve struggled with this all my life. When I was 12 I washed my hands so much they cracked and bled! Stuff like that. So obviously that did NOT translate well to romantic relationships.

So, if I can lean back and do this I KNOW you all can too!! I’ve had lots of therapy that didn’t help. So maybe you may want to add this to your list of accolades, Katarina Phang. I will struggle with this my whole life but Kat’s teachings have helped me much more than $200+ therapy sessions.

Anita, Los Angeles

“I only found Kat’s website at the very end of March. I had read soooo much other stuff (Fiore, Hussey, Rori, Renee, etc) and hers was soooo different. It was like a slap in the face, but I couldn’t stop reading beacuse I was desperate at the time. I kept thinking “Is she for real? Do people buy this stuff? She’s so harsh! This is crazy. I don’t get it.” But I kept reading EVERY article/blog post. And then bought the book! Lol. In my gut what she was saying felt 100% authentic and true. And I trust my gut. So I said “fuck it, I’ve tried everything else, might as well try this, got nothing to lose” and bought journey inward. Not knowing what to expect I decided to just listen to the whole thing on an 8-hr drive through Texas. I cried most of the way there. I can’t thank Katarina enough for what she managed to put together in Journey Inward. Some of the best money I’ve ever spent. It’s funny, when I go back and read articles now it’s like “mmmm hmmmm, girl, preach it!” Whereas before reading the articles it was more “where is she coming up with this crap?!” Lol! Ohhh little did I know what a guru she would be. I love you, Kat!”

Katie, Texas