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The Journey Inward: The First Defining Steps Toward Feminine Magnetism™ Mastery

The Journey Inward: The First Defining Steps Toward Feminine Magnetism™ Mastery (A Hundred and Twenty ENGAGEMENTS And Counting, A NEW CYCLE that started on March 15, 2021!)

When you click on the purchase button you’re going to get the latest version of this hit program which started on March 15, 2021: The ODYSSEY, An Epic Journey to WHOLENESS which includes a few new subjects that previous versions didn’t cover and 9 more weeks than the previous one! You can also add to your collection the latest version before this one which is Module 1 Feminine Magnetism group coaching ($699) and/or any or all of the previous 6 cycles of the same program here.


Hello lovelies, welcome to our meet and greet for the upcoming 8th cycle of my signature inner work program Journey...

Posted by Katarina Phang - Feminine Magnetism on Monday, February 22, 2021

How to Get Unstuck From Cycle of Codependency in Love and Life Hello lovelies, welcome to our 2nd meet and greet which...

Posted by Katarina Phang - Feminine Magnetism on Sunday, February 28, 2021

Who Will Benefit From This Program:


1. If you have just recently had a relationship breakup. You need tools and support to move on with your life whether or not you want your ex back. I have reunited women with their exes on the virtue of moving on. So if you still want that possibility you need to learn how to let go and move on. Moving on is a very attractive energy. Like leaning back, it causes space for personal growth and reconnection.


2. If you are currently dating one or a few men and you need the tools, support and inspiration to help you lean back and tame your anxiety. If you don’t know how to lean back, you don’t know how to attract a man and keep the attraction alive period.


3. If you are in a stagnant or troubled relationship in which he’s pulling away, not stepping up or not showing you the affection and efforts he used to or you fight and argue most of the time. You need the inner shift to inspire him to become your Prince Charming again.


4. If you are single and have been single for a while and trapped in a rut of singledom and aren’t too happy about it. You need the program that can awaken your inner Goddess and become more magnetic to guys.


5. If you are depressed and feeling stuck in a rut in every aspect of life: career, money, relationship. This might be something you need along with or without medications as prescribed by your doctor or therapist. (My client Rinna has been totally off the antidepressant after on it for eight years after attending this program!)


This coaching program works best together with my new program Leaning Back and Cultivating Feminine Mystique Workshop. The two will make you an irresistibly rare woman. The knowledge and wisdom I will teach you will set you apart from the rest of female population, make you a high-value woman no sane man will ever let go.

This coaching will take forms in both private group meetings and 18 weekly teleclasses (and we have one last class to recap what you have learned in which you can ask questions and get my life coaching that hasn’t happened yet as per February 11, 2022) with FOUR NEW SUBJECTS: Shadow Work, Unity Consciousness , Connecting to the Heart, Equanimity and Self-Acceptance. Each teleclass typically last 2 hrs depending on how active participants are.

Please be informed before you touch the payment button that all sales are final. You’ll be helped to access your product(s) but we don’t refund. And Katarina doesn’t work with disrespectful, combative, aggressive, pushy, bossy, angry and entitled women so if you’re one of them please look somewhere else.  She is the Last Resort for a reason, only when you’re ready to be receptive, respectful and humble yourself to learn from the world’s Very Best/Miracle Worker who is the Anointed Divine Feminine of The Millennium should you buy anything on this website. Please research her first before buying anything, she has tons of free stuff around so you can gauge her expertise and knowledge.  Only real students of hers need to buy anything from her (by “real” it means that they’re ready to surrender to her leadership and teaching process). She’s a straight shooter who will tell you the roots of your problem with men without sugar coating and if you’re not ready you’re going to be very triggered by what she has to say. However, if you’re ready she will turn your situation overnight and you’ll get to save tons of time and money and learn life’s ultimate lessons you won’t find anywhere else. Thank you for understanding and cooperating.  And please email me us at if you want to pay with PayPal, we will send you an invoice for the time being.

The Journey Inward: The Odyssey, A Journey Toward Wholeness

  • Three Bi-Weekly Payments, you will listen in the FB group for the coaching till the end of your payment plan when your product will be added

The Journey Inward: The Odyssey, A Journey Toward Wholeness

  • Four Bi-Weekly Payments, you will listen in the FB group for the coaching till the end of your payment plan when your product will be added

The Journey Inward: The Odyssey, A Journey Toward Wholeness

  • Three Monthly Payments, you will listen in the FB group for the coaching till the end of your payment plan when your product will be added

The Journey Inward: The Odyssey, A Journey Toward Wholeness

  • Four Monthly Payments, you will listen in the FB group for the coaching till the end of your payment plan when your product will be added

Week-To-Week Program Breakdown:

  • Module 1 Feminine Magnetism Class #1: Expansion Of Consciousness
  • Module 1 Feminine Magnetism Class #2: The Path Is The Goal
  • Module 1 Feminine Magnetism Class #3: Be The Observer Of The Mind And Understand Yourself
  • Bonus Class #1: Regression To Uncover Your Childhood Wounds
  • Module 1 Feminine Magnetism Class #4: Healing Your Childhood Wounds And Dropping Your Stories
  • Module 1 Feminine Magnetism Class #5: Connecting To The Heart
  • Bonus Class #2: Healing Anger and Cultivating A Compassionate Heart
  • Module 1 Feminine Magnetism Class #6: You Are One With Everything
  • Module 1 Feminine Magnetism Class #7: Shadow Work
  • Module 1 Feminine Magnetism Class #8: Shadow Work Part 2
  • Module 1 Journey Inward Class #9: Equanimity is Self-Acceptance
  • Module 1 Feminine Magnetism Class #9B: Equanimity is Self-Acceptance


Week 1, 2 & 3: Understanding Yourself and Clearing Your Mental/Emotional Blocks. This week we will solely explore the nature of thoughts and emotions and how they can become your greatest ally or your greatest stumbling block. How your fear, resentment, anger, feeling unworthy, worries, limiting beliefs, preconceived-notions, expectations and hard-dying habits prevent you from owing and unleashing your personal power and being okay with what is and not needing anything to be a certain way. This week meditation is on mindfulness, going with the flow, allowing love to manifest in your life and becoming the creator of your reality.

Week 4: Understanding And Healing Your Childhood Wounds. All our relationship issues stem from your unhealed wounds and we all relive the relationship we had with our parents/first care givers (especially parent of the opposite sex). This week’s past life regression hypnosis will take you down the memory lane and uncover all your childhood wounds/traumas and heal them. It’s a powerful session, be prepared to gain a deep insight into yourself: your fear, insecurities, prejudice, anger, dysfunctional habits in relating with men like the first cycle’s participants did.

Week 5: Healing Anger and Cultivating A Compassionate Heart. A lot of us deal with buried anger and resentment issues. Anger is poison to your emotional and physical health and all your relationships. Our new ways of thinking or seeing things will help us deal with this. It’s also fear of getting hurt that causes us to lock up and erect barriers. You might not get hurt that way, yet you also block the flow of love in your life. This is how you get trapped in a rut and can’t get out. This week meditation is on anger and its antidote (compassion).

Week 6: Shadow Work. A lot of us are governed and in fact enslaved by the unconscious part of ourselves. We are often triggered and aren’t aware of the whys and tend to project who we are on other people. For example if we tend to see others as controlling, it’s because deep down we are controlling ourselves. We are denying that part of ourselves. Thus, we aren’t integrated. It is an important part of inner work if one is going to be emotionally free at all.

Week 7: Letting Go Of All Those Things That Hold You Back. A lot of us can’t let go hanging onto the things we thought we lost or the things that hold us back so much, be it lost love, lost opportunities, anger, baggage, painful memories or loved ones. We think in the “could’ve, would’ve, should’ve” mode that doesn’t help us move on. It’s a complete illusion that doesn’t bring you peace. This week we will crush this predisposition once and for all. The meditation will make you see that you can’t lose the things you never had in the first place.

Week 8: Unity Consciousness. After my awakening I see why people suffer: the acute sense of separation, the belief in the existence of the self that needs all the extra work to maintain and preserve. This is the bottom line why we all identify with our ego or representation of self that is built on lies, beliefs, inferences and mere stories told by others and/or ourselves. This is an important subject to explore in depth if one is going to get rid of the shackle that keeps one in their repeated patterns of suffering.

Week 9: Metamorphosis to Feminine Goddess and Celebrating the new you! This week is focusing on creating a new you: the one radiating positivity, joy and attracting more abundance in every aspect of your life. You’ve been a caterpilar and struggling all your life and this is the time you break out of your cocoon and become the most luminous beautiful butterfly. You will love the Metamorphosis Guided Meditation that I created. This week is all about how you can lean back into your feminine power. Feeling it with every sense of your being that leaning back works WONDER and it makes you see your inherent worth as a woman. This week we will explore ways to tame your anxiety that is the biggest obstacle in why women find leaning back so challenging. Relishing being in a new, more empowered state of mind and a higher energetic frequency that attracts more of the same in a feedback loop. This is the state of flow that makes you simply unstoppable. You have created the momentum and you will keep going. This week is also about how you can make sure that you don’t go back to the same unproductive old habits. And how being a soft, secure, high-value woman is the KEY SOLUTION to all your relationship problems. The guided meditation and Goddess Affirmations will help you go through this process.

This is a very personal journey to me and I haven’t revealed this to anyone or through my writing even but this one is the important secret of my breakthrough that I’m sure will help you in the same way.

You can’t bring new solutions to the same problems you have using the same broken colored glasses you’ve been wearing. No ebooks, theory and “understanding-men” knowledge will get you far unless you have done the inner work and see the world from a new vantage point, through a new pair of glasses.

The price is $1399 ONLY and price typically goes up with time with all my programs. You have OPTIONS of weekly or bi-weekly payment plan (CHEAPER than two hours of therapy -last time I talked to a client in NY she mentioned $160/hr not to mention how many years you have to spend on it- but much.. much more effective). And my private coaching is $699/hr so with this program you get my coaching for at least 40 hours.

You can ALSO (but you don’t have to) purchase both first and second cycle for $399 OR get all the replays from 1st to 5th cycle for $899, OR from cycle 1 – 6 for $1399. Don’t forget to add me on Facebook upon purchase because the support group is FB based in which you can learn and share together with hundreds of other women in your shoes.

This program is a preliminary to my more intensive Feminine Magnetism™ Group Coaching, and these are what you’ll get:

1. Ongoing support in the private group and my other (original) private group

2. Recorded sessions you can listen to over and over

3. Personal coaching with me during live classes (this is no longer applicable since the cycle has ended). My hourly private coaching is now $359 and it increases every few weeks due to very high demand of my time and expertise.

Some Of The Ladies Are Resigning-Up For The Same Experience Because They Can’t Get Enough of The Empowered Feelings And Shifted Energy Ignited By The Training, So What Are You Waiting For?

The Journey Inward: The Odyssey, A Journey Toward Wholeness

  • Three Bi-Weekly Payments, you will listen in the FB group for the coaching till the end of your payment plan when your product will be added

The Journey Inward: The Odyssey, A Journey Toward Wholeness

  • Four Bi-Weekly Payments, you will listen in the FB group for the coaching till the end of your payment plan when your product will be added

The Journey Inward: The Odyssey, A Journey Toward Wholeness

  • Three Monthly Payments, you will listen in the FB group for the coaching till the end of your payment plan when your product will be added

The Journey Inward: The Odyssey, A Journey Toward Wholeness

  • Four Monthly Payments, you will listen in the FB group for the coaching till the end of your payment plan when your product will be added


Here are but a few of the thousands of testimonials I have received in my entire years doing this relationship coaching

“A year ago when I stumbled across Kat’s blog I remember I was so fascinated with all of the articles she had. I recall exactly what phrase I searched to get there: “Should I text him?”

I was dating a guy long distance at the time and we probably saw each other once a month. I was very EU but I had no idea what that even meant let alone that I was.

I remember clicking on the products page and thinking is she CRAZY? Charging THIS MUCH? I decided to keep reading the free material. I eventually bought the book and read it in two hours.

Fast forward a year later. I joined the monthly membership back in April and just finished Journey Inward. I went to the products page the other day to look up my next course, and I thought to myself is she CRAZY? Charging this LITTLE?

These products are worth 10 times what Kat is charging. I’m not trying to sound like a commercial but I feel compelled to write this because I hear a lot of women questioning whether they should invest in Kat’s products.

Like everyone else I came here because of a man I wanted to want me. After taking these classes and doing the work I realized today that I don’t care if he wants me anymore. This is the first time in my adult life that my relationship with MYSELF is the most important one.

I was thinking about going to therapy around the time I joined this group. So glad I didn’t. I literally sit sometimes in silence and think about how grateful I am to Kat. Tears came to my eyes while writing this post. My life has changed so much, not just in regards to men but everything. My relationship with my family, my coworkers, strangers, everyone. Kat’s blog talks about how to get your ex back but in reality she is teaching how to get your SELF back.

I don’t worry about being claimed anymore, because I am claiming myself. I’m not worried about being in a relationship anymore, because I have been in one all along, I just didn’t realize it.

I am so grateful to Kat, she is my angel. I have learned more in these last few months than I have learned in a lifetime. Now I am so excited for what my future holds. I see such awesome changes in my life over this short time I’ve been here, and I KNOW the best is yet to come.

So if you are the fence about whether or not to invest in a class or course, please know it is so worth it. I will eat ramen noodles for a month to pay for these materials because I know that I will see amazing changes once I start to implement these tools.

The interesting part is that I actually have more money now that I have started to focus on myself, practice gratitude and the law of attraction, all as a result of joining this group.

So please do not hesitate to make this investment in yourself ladies. The changes to your life will be priceless and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

The ROI is infinite. I have read countless books and tried countless programs like many others. Searching for answers, for love, sometimes no idea wtf I was searching for. Now I have inner peace, self-love and awareness… and you can’t put a price tag on that.

Kat, it’s true you have no idea how much of an impact you are making on the world. If I could contribute a fraction of what you have I would be happy. All of these women in this group and you take care of us! So many of us and only one of you! Somehow you know us and our stories and take the time to acknowledge all of us. It amazes me.

Thanks Kat I am forever grateful. “

Rose, Toronto

“Listen I’m not gonna sugar coat shit. I’ve wanted to die for years. My depression was deep. My best friend was murdered. Her throat was cut. Her body was thrown in the bushes after she was drugged and raped.

The same dude that did that to her tried to do the same to me. He got as far as cutting my throat. I was drugged, kidnapped and raped at 16! My friend had it worse than me sadly.

I had PTSD. I had anxiety. I had survival guilt…whatever they want to call it.

I experienced depression and intense anxiety suicidal feeling. Other than PTSD, I’ve been diagnosed with bi-polar extreme anxiety to the point I’d been unable to function or work, etc. I tried every drug the doctors gave me for 10 years. Some in the morning, some at night, on and on.

I’ve suffered this way for almost 30 years. I’ve done every therapy. Some helped a bit but I could never get off the drugs.

I was like a hamster stuck in a wheel.

Last summer I found Kat. Signed up for Journey Inward. I’ve now been able to be completely med-free and here’s the best thing: I have no more depression or anxiety.

My depression was so bad I’d fall to the floor begging my angels to take me out. I’ve been told my mind was imbalanced. My serotonin levels were not right. I had years of counseling, 12 steps, group therapy, classes, courses, books, past life regressions, Louise Hays, Abraham Hicks, you name it.

I’ve been a seeker. A meditator. A warrior. I’ve been in a gang. I’ve be done every drug from the doctor, every street drug.

I’ve been married, divorced. Done it all over again. Moved 37 times. And finally I found Kat. At 44 years old.

She taught me about my mind and how to deal with my depression and anxiety with RAIN (Recognition, Acceptance, Investigation and Non-identification).

I’m 45 now and I’ve never had so much peace in my life. I can see my mind and I watch it when feelings come up. I meditate and use her RAIN techniques. All minds are the same. She is right.

Our minds can be tamed but you got to get out of the way and listen and try. I will follow her till the end. She’s blunt because she has to deal with some of us, masculine women (which I have been too). It makes me cry all the time in utter gratitude. Something has so profoundly shifted in me that I really cannot explain. It’s seeing I’m not my mind. Drugs only prolong this dark place and fake it.”

Rinna, Vancouver

“I would just like to commend Katarina Phang for her teachings of self-discovery and empowering us all to be better and stronger individuals. Each day I am learning something new about myself and about my life. Learning is a beautiful journey and we all should be so proud of how far we all have come. It’s not about the men in our lives its about us and about healing our wounded souls from our pasts. Since my coaching with Kat I have a new outlook on life and I actually am beginning to love myself again and rebuild trust within myself.

You see I thought I didn’t trust men but I didn’t trust myself. Letting go starts with me not anyone else. Self-love, without it sounding cliche, will set you free. Boost your soul your self-confidence and self-worth and work on you love you and the rest will fall into place. Get high-value without the arrogance. Thank you Kat for the endless support.

I’m bloody embarrassed I’m a new person. I look back and think jeez I was living in my head just sitting in emotional rubbish and junk. The work is up to me but you are a great teacher… Who knows where I would be now if it wasn’t for your coaching.

I can honestly say, I think Kat will be huge famous”

Manda, Australia

I tell you, I have bought so many other relationship ebooks and I remember reading them, getting a little insight, but still felt frustrated as to how to feel better and how to really take control of my life again. But your ebook plus your commitment to the coaching plus the guided meditations, I can really see that you’re not like the others, and it’s refreshing. You actually take the time and guide. I almost did not buy your book being skeptical but my instinct told me to do it, and I’m glad I did. I’m glad you were willing to help me out with the coaching earlier instead of me waiting until the 2nd cycle. My EUM’s birthday is 8/31 and I would’ve probably been devastated with the crazy thoughts of who he’s with and what he’s doing, now I’ll be calmer and stronger. I’ll probably be at work or go out with friends after so I can focus on me again Thank you. ?

Cindy, New York (also resigning-up for the 2nd cycle).

Omg! Kat! I just want to hug you right now!!! My EUM actually CALLED, which never happened before, and told me he’s purposely was not giving my watch back so he could see me again! And he asked if I want to go to Dave & Busters on Saturday! Whaaaat??? That’s just soooo unbelievable…..!

You are not only a man whisperer, you are women’s brain changer! Yep. You can put that on your timeline! Lol”

Hi Kat! I just signed up for your program. I am your fan for life, and want to know more. You have no idea how many books on relationships I’ve read in the past year, and nothing seemed to be working! After purchasing your book, and seeing results right away, not signing up for your program would be dumb! LOL. I just got a text message from my EUM “YOU ARE AMAZING!” Dang, of course I am. ;

Remember how he was all jerk about my watch? You were right! He got the kick! When he called, he said, “You can can have any man you want in a heartbeat, but right now I AM talking to you. Am I special?” Seriously, this kind of conversation is out of this world! HE asks me if he is special to me. AND I was the one chasing him!

I said, “Of course you are special and unique, but let’s not put any labels.” And then he said, “I just miss you so much!”

Crazy, huh???

He just sent me text you are so sexy! What should I say? Thank you? Lol?

Natalie, Arizona

You clearly put a ton of blood, sweat and tears into it! Was a moving experience I enjoyed fully. Each class was better and better. And there is always so very much to learn from others. The topics and learning opportunities are endless……. Looking forward to the next.

Keisha, New York (resigning-up for the 2nd cycle) and now ENGAGED!

It was a great class. I didn’t think I would react so emotionally since the visualization itself was not traumatic but it certainly all connected. I feel calmer today- can’t explain it well but I feel more centered than I have been in the past two weeks. I also re-read your entire e-book while listening to the replay. I’m finally “getting”it- baby steps but it’s starting to take hold.

Valerie, Virginia (participant of the first cycle on her past life regression experience)

“My EUM now my boyfriend met my parents yesterday for a BBQ at my house. My man cooked for us showing off his awesome cooking skills! What a milestone of a year and half of being an EUM, and now he’s committed to me and his divorce is finalised in two weeks! I can honestly say if it wasn’t for Katarina Phang and her coaching and books I wouldn’t be where I am. Kat knows her stuff and teaches you about men!!

What I’ve learned from Katarina Phang:

And this can be applied in all areas of your life. I wish I knew this stuff years and years ago!!

*The work starts and ends with you…- this means that if you’re not happy with you, your life your goals, friends, family etc, your outlook is negative, and your perception is out of whack, you will rely on others for happiness and to make you feel better. Wrong. No one else can make you happy except you and when you do the work of liking yourself and learning to boost your own confidence and self esteem you will never need anyone in your life. Of course we all desire to be around others and have relationships but you know deep down within yourself that you are at peace and happy with you that the whole world wouldn’t end if you were on your own.

*Drop expectations and assumptions – Never speculate or assume things . This negative outlook is not productive and isn’t of positive energy when you are thinking negatively what you focus on expands and you begin to live in your own head. Never expect anything from anyone, be the best person you can be but never expect someone else to do anything. Be humble, courteous and do things for others because you want to, not because they owe you something in return. Love without expectations and sit with that energy. It’s a beautiful thing when you sit in pure non judging, fearless love. The anxiety, fears and negative thought patterns will shift, and you will begin to vibrate at a higher frequency which means more positive things will begin to change and happen in your life.

*Never chase – Leaning back letting a man be a man and allowing them to flow the relationship, you will be surprised how much a man will give to you and for fill your desires when you change the way you approach things. Leaning back is safe. It protects and nurtures relationships as well as our power within the relationship. If he isn’t taking it forward, move on, never settle for crumbs, you are high value and when you treat yourself as high value everyone else does.

*Learn to be quiet- you don’t have to entertain the drama train or be there for every argument. Learn to take a breath, calm down and use feeling messages if applicable. Always think before you speak, a trick I use is a filtering technique: I check in with myself to see if my response is emotional or logical. When you run off emotions it repels men, when you’re calm and self assured, you learn to pick and choose your battles.

*Be comfortable with space – Give men space and time. It’s crucial men have their alone time as well as not being questioned for it. Don’t freak out or think he’s pulling away, it’s in your absence that men miss and adore you more. Giving men the reigns makes them feel in control but really both people are in control. Men like to chase and they like to know they’re winning.”

Manda, Australia

My EUM and I had a nice weekend cooking for friends and had a great time. Tonight I came home and he was outside with one of his good friends. After his friend leaves he tells me had a good time with me this weekend and tells me he has fun with me now. I asked him what’s changed and he replies he’s not sure but I seem less uptight and more open. He asks me what are we doing here and asked if I wanted to give it a try again. I said sure lets try and if it doesn’t work . . . He interrupts me and says no it’s gotta work. He tells me he asked all his friends including the one that was over to ask them what they thought and they all agreed he was a better man with me in his life. I was smiling on the inside as I realized the quick shift doing the inner work Katarina teaches made in this relationship. Tonight he’s in bed with me and not the couch. ?

He’s my ex, well was my ex. We have two children and we have been together off and on for 12 years. We had a terrible break up over a year and a half ago. He was staying on my couch platonically for the past two months and convinced himself we were done..LOL.

He lost his well paying job at the same moment I found out I was pregnant with our 2nd child. He turned towards the bottle I turned super critical and emasculating. I moved out of our shared home and we spent a year apart.

I love him and I’m enjoying each day as it unfolds the less expectations and pressure I bring to the situation the easier and happier he and I become. Let me tell you if Katarina method works on him it will work on any man. Lol!

Tricia, Arizona (participant of Cycle 2 Journey Inward)

OK, now this is great! I have a date with my EUM that wanted the ‘break.” It has been six weeks. We text and now have spoken with each other a couple of times, longer conversations than ever. I am sweet and concerned. Instead of just going to the concert, we are now going to dinner and a concert.

In the meantime, I have been on a dating website and it is crazy. I just let them contact me. The first date was ugh…boring. I went out last nite, in a cute little dress and met a guy I had spoken to a few times. We danced and he is crazy about me. He can’t put a finger on it but told me I am so different from the others he has dated…. and said when we were dancing that everyone was looking at me…hmmm.

Guess I am getting it, Katarina. I feel confident, feminine, not worried about a relationship. I have another date tomorrow night and am looking forward to it.

When my guy that I love sees me on my birthday for our date, he is going to see a huge difference in me, I know it. It will be interesting to see what happens. We have actually already planned a future date in October for a concert and I am sure that we will see each other between now and then. That tells me that he wants to move forward. I am so excited about the change in myself, the coaching the Katarina has given me. I feel strong, sexy, feminine and I don’t need anyone! My business is going crazy and WOW! Thank you Katarina! I told you that you would be proud of me!!!

You are the teacher and you teach well! When I have a question, you respond immediately. You give encouragement and tell me if I am not doing something right, or tell me how to handle a situation. You are a friend and I feel you care about me and my ‘issues’. You have been there, so you can relate to how I am feeling. Katarina, you have seen me change from a puddle to a confident, happy woman. I have to admit, I still have a heart tug at times, when I wonder what is going to happen, but I know at the same time that no matter what, there is someone out there that will work to earn my love and treasure me.

I am so grateful I found you…what a change you have guided me to in my life. I am actually grateful that my guy wanted to take a ‘break’ because if he hadn’t I would never have grown like I have. I would have never understood myself and I would have never ‘met’ you! Bless you, Katarina. I feel I have a friend for life!”

Jessica, Fresno, California

“Katarina Phang, I am one of your clients and ardent followers..and my life has changed tremendously because of your simple concept (but must come with deep understanding of course).
It’s easy for a man to be masculine (giving, nurturing, providing, protecting) with a feminine woman (accepting, loving, inviting, caring). It’s like yin and yang. Yin can’t work with yin, as yang can’t work with yang without any problem.

I speak this from experience (by practicing your tools) hence the above scenario.

I need to state that being demure and accepting that Katarina Phang teaches is about being strong and resilient but with a different approach..

Feminine women also have boundaries and limits but they make their boundaries known to their men in a different way and to my own surprise, it works for me many times! And he keeps coming back afterwards.

Feminine women would not even be attracted to just any man. They also know when and how to walk away when a relationship doesn’t serve them… but without drama.

Leaning back and mirroring won’t work for me if I haven’t done the inner work. It’s your Journey Inward program that does it for me, how our past wounds affect our choice in men and how we view the world and it’s not even these men’s fault for being who they are because you teach us that we attract men of the same level of woundedness that we are in. Once we are healed and stop seeing other external factors as the problem, we won’t even bother to look at these men twice, everything is within us. That’s the most powerful lesson I have learnt from you and it gives me so much power because I can change ME. And this is feminine magnetism. I don’t see myself being weak for applying this concept. In fact, it’s the opposite.

Katarina Phang, I am your biggest fan. I love your method because it is so easy to follow. My life has changed in just 1 month, not because of miracles happened, but I changed my approach from masculine to feminine to the same situation that was hurting me..and I am happy… and my EUM keeps saying that I am easy to be with..and easy to please so he keeps on wanting to spend time with me 24/7 even though he is tired and always motivated to keep on pleasing me.”

Arida, Brunei