$127/month.  You will receive an email invite for the live class every month so don’t expect anything on your members page, the class hasn’t happened yet! Email me at kat@katarinaphang.com if you want to subscribe through PayPal

Feminine Goddess Enlightened Relationship Monthly Membership

Over the year my classes have been so addictive to many. Many women re-sign up over and over even for the same programs for the soul nourishment value they find in them. Many have been helped and their lives, not just their relationships, improve by practicing what I teach.

As my community and private FB group grows into over 18,000 ladies these days, I notice a need for a more private membership for those who need to be more anonymous and more attention to their specific situations. And the fact that I also notice this thirst among my most loyal clients I mentioned above of the empowerment they experience through my speeches and lecture, I decided to start this new program Feminine Goddess Enlightened Relationship Coaching Monthly Membership.

What can you expect from this program? You will work closely with me in the private forum and I will pick two relationship topics each month to bring in monthly teleclass accessible only to members.

For only $99/month you will learn so much about yourself, your reality, your mind, and how to create a healthy relationship and be happy in your own skin. I will use my spiritually friendly method -not to mention cutting edge science- to address every situation you face in relationship.

As you well know the spiritual aspect of my method is why it works like a charm in the first place so every month you will receive the much needed Soul Nourishment from me which in turn you will bring it into your relationship or dating/personal life.

This is a rare opportunity to get real guidance on how to turn your relationship around and raise your vibration so you become the powerful Creator you are born to be. You can cancel anytime you need to take a break or when you just don’t need this service anymore (presumably because you are engaged, married, or in a happy functional relationship ? ).

Sign up for a whole year PLUS access to all previous classes (62 of them total, you save at least $599) for $6586, see previous classes here.

Or Sign up for a whole year for only $99/month ($1188, so you save $144) and with this plan you can opt to be in the fan subscriptions instead as there is no more month to month subscription with it.

You can also get all previous classes separately HERE
“Today he put a ring on it!!!:D After dating for about a year and a half he still had ex baggage and so he asked for an indefinite break. He said he didn’t know if we would get bak or not and that’s the time I found Kat and the lovely ladies here:). It was a painful 3 months and I learnt the lean back concept. He kept calling just as friends and all but at some point I realized it wasn’t working for me so I asked him to stop contacting me(at this point I learnt to focus on me and do what’s best for me) and its like he just couldn’t stop…about 2 weeks later he asked me out on a date and asked me back. Since then our relationship has been wonderful and now we are getting married:D

Thank you so much…its all coz I found you ladies and continue to learn so much from you.”

Kisha, Zambia

“Kat, I have been dating a very emotionally available man for the first time in my life. Long distance – he lives in Canada. Met him when I wasn’t looking, and have employed your strategies the entire time we have dated about responding to his contact and not initiating my own. Worked very well for me. Part of what helped was to recognize the signs of EUMs and walk way from them until finally someone who is EA comes into your life, and then that’s the guy who is worthy of your time and attention. He proposed in front of his whole family at Banff Springs – you can see the photo on my timeline if anyone wants to see.”
Dorothy, Texas

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